Vics Bingo Hall

Vics bingo review – Rogue Bingo Hall? In fact, Vics bingo is one of the best bingo sites online. The reason is because it’s very rare to find a bingo hall that accepts US players and Vics does allow US bingo players. Another review of the site finds that the types of games available here are exotic, new and very interesting. For instance, Vics is one of the few bingo places online that have a virtual bingo hall. Virtual bingo is state of the art online bingo. Players can actually choose avatars or characters and can walk around to any bingo table they want. This is very cool because virtual bingo halls are beginning bring in the atmosphere of a real walk-in land based bingo hall, this is what virtual bingo is all about. Vics bingo site accepts US players Again, Vics Bingo hall is one of the few bingo sites that allow US players. Here at lol bingo, we will list all bingo sites that accept US players. If you don’t like Vics atmosphere, there are a few more places to choose if you are located in the USA. There are many more online casino and poker rooms that accept US players though and if that is also your type of gaming, there are plenty to be found throughout our lol casino or lol poker sites. Play Vics bingo for cash and real money prizes or Vics free bingo games Players looking for free bingo games can find them at Vics as well. At the same time, Vics bingo also accepts cash bingo players as well. This means players can play internet bingo games for real money. They even cater to the high rollers who want to win big money and large cash prizes. In fact, some games have progressive jackpots that can reach as much as $100k or more! Play different types of bingo games Vics has come a long way in bingo games. Players can play more than just plain single line bingo, now players can enjoy multiple pattern games such as coverall, which is a game where players win the prize when they cover all of the spots on a bingo card. There are other special pattern or theme pattern games where Vics will choose an alternating random pattern and the first player who completes the pattern on their card wins the prize pool jackpot. Vics progressive jackpot bingo games Progressive bingo games are also included here as well. These are progressive jackpots inside a bingo room that grow from a percentage of the price per card. When a player buys a card, a percentage of this cost goes into the progressive pot. This can grow into many hundreds or thousands of dollars and it can be won when a player gets a bingo within a certain amount of balls pulled out of the basket. Vics Bingo is well known so the progressive jackpots are some of the largest on the net. These are exciting because a player who buys a $1 card can win perhaps $100,000 or more in a progressive jackpot on top of the regular prize pool. Vics multiple bingo card games and bingo strategy tips Players may also buy multiple cards for better odds at winning in a game. The more bingo board cards players can buy, the better chance at winning a progressive jackpot as well. There are also single card games available for players who want an equal playing field. Vics Bingo, along with others, do allow multiple cards. So players can come up with bingo strategy in order to win because of the better odds. Plus it makes the game more exciting, especially if players get bored playing on a single card. Vics VIP bingo players club for VIP members Vics is one of the few online bingo halls that have a VIP program for members. The more members play, the more points they will earn. There are multiple VIP levels a player has for more comp points earned. The benefit of this bingo VIP program is players will receive better promotions and offers running at Vics. The higher your VIP level, the higher percentage of match bonus will receive on your deposit, which is explained below. As mentioned above, VIP players can earn complementary points to increase their VIP status. Royal VIP members receive the best treatment and will receive a 150% match bonus on deposit all the time, not just on 1st and 2nd deposits! Check out Vics bingo site to read more details. Players may get also to play in a VIP bingo suite at Vics by invitation. Royal VIP members may receive high roller treatment such as luxury cruises and vacations around the world including places such as the Las Vegas strip. Imagine having an all expense paid trip to Vegas and playing bingo there. This is quite different than an ordinary bingo site! Vics bingo welcome bonus and deposit match bonus promotions For players interested in trying out Vics Bingo, there are some bonus offers available. New players will get a 150% match bonus on first and second deposits. This means on a 1st or 2nd deposit, players that deposit $100 in real money will receive a 150% match bonus of $150 for a total bankroll of $250 to play bingo games with at Vics. The more a player deposits, the more cash is matched. A currently running promotion at Vics includes a $10 free bonus. Members will get this no deposit bonus just by signing up whether you are playing free bingo or money bingo.]]>