South Beach Bingo

South Beach bingo review – Questionable Gaming Practices South Beach was reviewed by us and we found that there are a number of qualities that this hall possesses that makes it one of the best bingo sites on the internet. The live online gameplay is unique in that it has virtual players and virtual rooms. This gives the game an exotic land based atmosphere. South Beach bingo also has an exclusive VIP program which will be mentioned later. South Beach virtual bingo halls These virtual rooms work so that players can choose an avatar and walk around to different bingo tables just as they would in a land based hall. Players can choose who to play with and where to play. These virtual bingo halls come with live chat and live online game play with other real players. Players can virtually play online for real money and cash prizes or just play free bingo for recreation. Bingo card patterns and bingo games As mentioned above, there are over 300 games to play. Actually, there are 300 patterns available to try matching on your cards. For example, a coverall pattern game at South Beach would be won when a player covers all numbers on their card. Other patterns such as alphabetical letters, numbers and special patterns can be covered in order to win at other games available at South Beach bingo. Multiple card bingo games – Online bingo tips and strategies Players can purchase multiple bingo cards at South Beach. This means bingo strategy can be used as well. We all know that with more bingo board cards, the odds of winning a game are greatly increases. A good tip for increasing your chances of winning is buying more cards, but buying multiple cards comes at more risk, just like any other game since players then put more money into the pot. It all depends on the number of players and the game. Also, there are rooms where all players are limited to one single card to give all players an equal advantage in the game as well. Progressive jackpot bingo games and tournaments Players can get into progressive bingo, which is a type of bingo where players can win massive jackpots that regularly reach $10000. There are also regular $1000 jackpot bingo games every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These progressive jackpots become huge because the progressive bingo halls and games take a small percentage of what you pay for card and put it into the progressive pot. The larger percentage is used for the regular prize pool for the first person who gets a bingo. In case you want to know how to win a progressive bingo jackpot, a player needs to get a bingo within a certain number of selected balls, such as getting a bingo in the first 5 pulls or getting the pattern after so many pulls. There are even weekly or specially announced bingo tournaments, but there are too many to list here at lol bingo and in this review! Players can keep track of them on the bingo calendar schedule every day, and also check out the atmosphere and other games they have to offer at South Beach bingo South Beach bingo hall accepting US players There are a few other online bingo halls accepting US players but there are not very many. South Beach is one of those few among the others listed here that are now accepting players located in the USA. The only obstacle for American players is the banking and payment methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. The payment methods allowed for US players at South Beach bingo can be used in any other gambling site accepting US players are also accepted for other poker or casino sites that accept US players as well. Such sites are also listed here. South Beach bingo payment and banking methods include Instadebit, NETeller Direct, Click2Pay, EcoCard, eWalletXpress and credit cards such as Visa card, Mastercard, Discover and American express. US players can get more information at the US payment methods page as some restrictions my apply. South Beach VIP bingo club program Regular members who play at South Beach may be eligible to participate in the South Beach VIP program. This program consists of different levels of VIP status. The higher your status, the more complementary cash bonuses you receive. When players play bingo or other games, they earn comp points or also known as complementary points. The more time that is spent playing, the more points will be accumulated. Eventually players will receive higher VIP status. Also, the more money that is spent, the faster a player will receive bingo comp points. Bingo high rollers can truly benefit from this program. So what is the benefit of being a bingo VIP club member? The higher your VIP status, the larger percentage match bonuses you will receive on your deposit. Say the player deposits $100 to play bingo and South Beach is offering a 100% match bonus. This means that they will match $100 onto yours for a total bankroll of $200 to play any games at South Beach. South Beach bingo is currently offering a 100% match bonus to all new members on first deposit. As a VIP, players can claim this bonus on all deposits and players can even get more than just 100% depending on VIP status. South Beach mystery bonus and promotional coupons Below is a promotional banner. When a visitor clicks on it, they are taken to an exclusive promotional landing page at South Beach. Upon registration of a username and password, the promotional bonus will automatically be applied to the new account made on that page. You will find that this page is hidden from the regular home page because lol bingo is giving out this exclusive bonus to our visitors! Because of this, players no longer have to search around and type in coupon promotional codes and stuff like that hidden around the internet. Lastly, South Beach have fair bingo games so all players have an equal opportunity for that “laugh out loud” excitement and entertainment.]]>