My Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips to Maximize Your Bingo Winning Success

Bingo is a game that has been around for many years! And as many of the most popular real world games are made into an online version of it so has the game of bingo. And that can only make sense since more and more people are preferring to play games online in the comfort of their own home now instead of visiting a cold bingo hall!

There are now more than half a million online bingo players all around the world. All playing on over 500 different online bingo sites. With all those players and that many sites and more to play bingo on, it’s no wonder why it seems like everyone wants to get in on the fun and enjoy the fun and benefits that playing, and winning bingo has.

I have my own preferred bingo sites I like to play bingo on myself. But what about actually winning the game itself? It’s great to join in and play it. Whether you’re playing on your own or with other people like friends and family. But winning bingo is something completely different altogether isn’t it!?

Well I’ve played thousands of bingo games over the years that I’ve been playing bingo online. I’ve learned a few tricks that I like to make use of that maximize my chances of winning as well as maximizing my chances of getting one of the top payouts from whichever bingo site I’m playing on. And here’s what I’ll share with you now!

My Top 10 Bingo Winning Tips

1: Never play in large crowded rooms.

While it’s nice to be in an active game that has a lot of people playing it that you can chat to in real time using the instant chap feature. Remember that the more people that are in that game, the less chance you’ll have of actually winning it. Sure, smaller games have smaller jackpots, but you have more of a chance of winning them!

2: Find out who you’re playing against.

Where bingo sites provide chat rooms for the players to talk to other players in. These can be great for socializing and meeting new people and the like. But you can also take advantage of these chat rooms to find out who you’re playing against and what their skill level (or even likely their IQ is). What you have to do is try and work out how many bingo cards those players have and then try and double that amount yourself. When you do that you’ll literally double your chances of winning that game of bingo.

3: Play at optimum times.

The most popular time of day for people to play bingo is during the evening between 6 PM and 11 PM on weekdays. So if it’s possible, try to play only in times that aren’t this time. Such as in the morning time or even during the very early hours after 12 AM. That way the bingo rooms are quieter and that increases your chances of winning even more.

4: Take full advantage of bingo offers.

Most bingo sites today offer you appealing incentives and bonuses to sign up and play with them. These bonuses can range from things like doubling your first time deposit to even tripling it! It’s true when they say it pays to shop around. So have a look around and compare what each bingo casino is offering you to play with them.

5: Do your homework first!

Before you play in a game of bingo, you should try to work out some basic mathematics first as by doing so that can help improve your chances of winning that particular game that you are about to play in. One way of doing that is if the bingo site you’re playing on shows you how many cards there are out in the game. And when you know how many players you’re playing against too. All you need to do is divide the amount of cards that have been bought in that game against the number of players and that will give you a rough percentage of what your odds of winning that game will be.

Want more bingo winning tips? Stay tuned for part 2 of this guide coming soon!