What Types Of Bingo Players Are There?

The Maniac – The maniac is the kind of player that will deposit £20, dart straight into a game and buy the maximum number of tickets you can possibly buy. This kind of tactic is going to be massively hit or miss. You will either end up doubling up really quickly or going broke. Of course it depends what kind of room you play in but if its £1 a ticket then this strategy is going to get quite expensive!

The Tourist – The Tourist really is there for a good time. They probably don’t really know all the ins and outs of the game but they buy a few cards and just get on with it. They don’t really care about the money they just want to chat away and will probably spend more time on the slots and instant games than they do actually playing bingo.

Bingo Strategy

The Granddad / Grandma – These two are season pros and are never going to be buying a lot of cards at one time. They will sit there and cheer every number that comes in on their card. They always know all the correct bingo calls and if a traditional one isn’t used you might see them get a little agitated!

The Gambler – You will only ever find the gambler in big money games. Well maybe not expensive games but the games where all the biggest and best prizes are won. These guys are looking to hit one big score to retire on. They search out all the best jackpot games out there and play them all every week just hoping to get lucky.

The Fun Player – This is the most common kind of bingo player you are going to find online. They like a bit of a gamble but don’t go to crazy. They don’t really target any specific games because they just play when they have some spare time. They like to chat and are especially keen on the chat games.

The Nit – The nit is the last player on our list and you will only ever find them with 1 or 2 cards at any one time. They are very protective over what they spend and are always looking for free bingo money or free games and buy one get one free type offers. They don’t have a very good chance of winning because they have such few cards in play. They often think they are being tactical or selective when in actual fact they are hindering their own chances of winning.

Which category do you fall into? I think with me it depends what kind of mood I’m in. To be honest everyone loves free cards and buy one get one free offers and I’m always looking for a bit of extra value when I play. Most people probably come into each category in a different way. Having said that I don’t think I’m much like the maniac! Make sure to check out new bingo sites that are offering players amazing bonuses.

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