Types of Free Bingo Bonus Deals

We will be today looking at the various types of free bingo bonus deals available to new players that allow them to play bingo online for free. At this time there are five major types of free bingo bonus deals including the bingo reload bonus, the bingo matched welcome bonus, the no deposit bingo bonus, the free bingo slot spins and finally the free bingo cards. Most online bingo sites will offer further daily promotions allowing you win a jackpot, win a car, win a holiday etc, but today we are just looking at the noted player incentives. Just remember that all online bingo sites will have their own unique promotional terms and conditions and so do check over these terms and do contact their support if you have any specific enquiries.

Types of Free Bingo Bonus Deals

1) Bingo Reload Bonus (Bingo Top Up Bonus):
This kind of loyalty bonus is considered here at Free Play Bingo Online as being the most rewarding to the player. Some bingo sites will allow just one reload bonus on the second deposit after the initial welcome bonus, but the best bingo sites will be offering reload bonuses on each and every deposit made for the lifetime of the player. The usual reload percentage would be 25%, but most are offering 50% today and so here each time you deposited £100 you would receive a free £50 to play with. Some bingo sites even provide the opportunity to receive a 100% reload bonus, but to do this you must reach a certainly loyalty criteria with the site to qualify.

2) Bingo Matched Welcome Bonus (Bingo Sign Up Bonus):
The matched welcome bonus is always a great offering for new players. The norm would be for a bingo site to offer a 100% matched bonus up to the amount of £100, but some bingo sites will provide these bonuses for each of the first three deposits and some may offer a higher rate than the 100%, such as 200%, and will allow you to stake up to £500 on this. Most online bingo brands provide these free welcome bonuses to new players and this is always a good way of trying out a new online bingo community.

3) No Deposit Bingo Bonus (Free Bingo No Deposit Required):
When studying the global search trends, it was the no deposit bingo bonus offerings that were extremely popular with the public. The online bingo sites that do provide no deposit bingo bonuses would usually offer between the range of a £1 no deposit bonus and a £10 no deposit bonus. This is provided once you have registered at the site and ideally the software will be flash so you won’t have to download any software either. Although these bingo no deposit bonuses are appealing, any free bingo money won can be difficult to bank out quickly due to tighter promotional terms and conditions.

4) Free Bingo Slot Spins (Play Free Slots):
Some bingo sites will offer perhaps between 25 and 200 free slot spins to get you going. Every decent bingo site that I have looked at tends to provide further gaming other than the bingo and I assume that the basic slot spins are used on such alternative games, but I am not sure how likely it would be for you to win and so it is difficult to measure whether these free slot spins are more appealing than the free bingo cards looked at below.

5) Free Bingo Cards (Free Bingo Games):
Some bingo sites will offer perhaps 20 free bingo cards that can be used to aid your experience at a new bingo community. I am not sure how much value each bingo card would hold as there are £0.01 cards and there are £1.00 cards, but I imagine the value would be more lower down the scale.

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