The Rising Popularity of Online Bingo

The popularity of online bingo here in the UK has today reached staggering heights and experts believe that this trend is only going to continue growing as we move into the future. One of the things that has surprised me is the sheer number of new bingo sites that have been surfacing in recent times. They have certainly swarmed the market and this is a clear indication to me that online bingo is here to stay and the number of casino and poker sites are certainly being outnumbered. The audience continues to rise and rise, which has a lot to do with the prominent TV advertising campaigns that many of the leading bingo names are showcasing today. Outside of the UK, the global trend for online bingo has also been developing.

One of the blips on this radar would be the United States though. Unfortunately, their government has passed laws that limit banks ability to process credit cards for US citizens. Looking across many of the UK online bingo sites, they welcome players from across the globe, but obviously not those from the United States due to the laws that have been imposed. It is fair to say that the supply and demand for online bingo is certainly in a very healthy state today. The great thing is that when more players get involved and as more bingo brands step forward, increased incentives such as bigger jackpots and bigger free play bonuses will be offered to you so that you choose their brand name over the many others.

The objective here at Online Bingo School will be to showcase all of the very best online bingo sites with a major focus on looking at just who is providing the best free play deals and which bingo community is providing the best user experience for each and every player. Some brands will be using the same software platform and so there will not always be massive differences in gameplay, but what usually makes a bingo site special is the vibrant community and the freebies that each offer. In the past, online bingo sites tend to attract female audiences, but I have a feeling that we will start to see a more healthy balance between females and males in due time. Either way, the popularity is on the rise and it will be documented here in as much detail as possible. Stay tuned!

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