Spinning Wheel to become welcome offer of choice?

Since their debut back in the 90’s, there have always been definite trends and patterns followed by the majority of bingo websites. For example, the year of 2014 seemed to be the time that most sites would offer a no deposit offer of some kind to their new players.

Such offers are designed to attract customers who enjoy the idea of being able to win some money without having to make a stake. In other words, they have great appeal because they offer what sounds like a risk-free experience.

As time has passed operators have tightened these offers and introduced new loopholes to avoid them paying out large sums of money. Nowadays most no deposit offers leave players feeling a little disappointed, to say the least. The disappointment generally stems from the issues with money won from the no deposit credit, often it is bonus cash and is therefore not eligible for withdrawal. Other issues have been that players are not allowed to use their credit in jackpot games or on the full range of slots games.


The savvy nature of online gaming customers means that word spreads quickly when offers are not all they are cracked up to be. The negative vibes and scepticism around no deposit sites are now at such a high that many new brands are opting for a new welcome offer.

Just lately we have remarked that a great deal of new sites are launching with a spin the wheel arrangement. To see what we mean, check out this list of spin the wheel bingo sites. As you can see there are new ones popping up all the time on various networks, suggesting a new trend.

In June 2015 a new bingo network was launched, becoming the first to replace all welcome offers with the chance to spin the wheel. We believe this new network marks the beginning of a new era where new sites are going to offer a wheel based incentive instead of deals such as the no deposit offers.

Spin the wheel has been a popular component for a number of bingo sites for a long time. Certain networks have for a long time used the wheel as an incentive, either as a sign up bonus system or as a means to try to maintain regular activity on player’s accounts. The Live Bingo Network has been particularly successful in implementing the latter, with all players being awarded the opportunity to spin the wheel on a daily basis in order to win prizes such as, free spins on slots or free bingo tickets.

The spinning wheel also has its uses at free bingo sites, Free Bingo Land for example (now closed) used the wheel as a method of replenishing a users point balance if they had lost all their points playing the free bingo games. In effect, the wheel replaces the deposit function that we see at pay to play bingo sites.

The bingo market certainly has a herd mentality and as such, it will be interesting to observe whether the spinning wheel feature is rolled out as a welcome offer at the majority of sites in 2015.

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