How to Increase Your Online Bingo Odds

The game of bingo has transformed from a social activity and past time in live bingo halls to an online craze which attracts millions of players from around the world. People of all ages have now jumped aboard the fun bingo band wagon online in the hopes of seeking out the best deals and winning big money in the process. Whilst there is an element of luck, bingo is also about skill and knowing the game in order to take calculated risks and manage the pot. If you are seeking bigger bingo payouts this year, here are a few tips to stack the odds in your favour.



Occasionally, online bingo sites will offer some great exclusive bonuses. However, it can be easy to miss out on the action and let them pass you by. These sites will give out these bigger bonuses to new users in order to gain new business, therefore you should sign up to a number of sites to take advantage of these incentives. By registering with a number of sites, you can keep abreast of the latest deals and offers by email. However, a word of caution: as online bingo has become more popular, some of these sign up deals have changed. After you have signed up and received your bonus money, you may discover that you cannot collect your winnings until you deposit more money into your account – which can be up to five times the amount of your free offer. Take this as a sign to always read the small print and stick to reputable sites such as


The vast world of online gambling can be a jungle for any player. Gain some reassurance, tips and tricks by other players who have posted their experiences online in forums. Recommended impartial forums to use include Money Saving Expert’s bingo forum, Bingo Chatter and Bingo Social’s forum.

Increasing your odds


Knowing the odds and how to increase them can come from experience. You can accelerate the learning process by reading up on the latest tips, methods and techniques online, however you may find that some sites offer opposing advice. For example, some recommend that you play with fewer cards in order to maintain control and keep focused. Although this is sound advice for beginners, more advanced players will be looking to increase the amount of games they take part in and the amount of cards in play in order to increase their odds. Arguably the most effective method of increasing your odds is to invest in more cards. If there are 20 players in a game and you only buy one card, you will only have a 1/20 chance of winning. However, if you buy 5, your chances will increase to ¼.

You should also take a look at how many players there are in a room. Although potential winning will increase with more people, your odds of winning that cash will be significantly lower. Sometimes a site will let you know how many cards are in play in a game. Use this figure as well as how many players are in the room to determine if the game is worth investing in.

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