Can Playing Bingo make you Happy?

Bingo has always been a National favourite in the UK and it shows no sign of dying off anytime soon. While there has been a big decline in bingo halls around the country, there are more online bingo sites that ever since the changes in the Gambling act in 2005, which dropped restrictions on advertising for the first time. There are a few reasons for the continuation of this game, firstly, it’s incredibly easy to pick up and play, but it’s also a low cost game to the player, so it’s often considered more of a hobby than a gambling game.

Does this mean it can make you happy? There have been recent studies that discuss links between mental health and agility. Here are a few of those points which will help to see how happy bingo can really make people.


Mental agility

We’ve known about the mental agility benefits of bingo since 2002 now, the brain-boosting power comes from the need to speedily identify numbers within strict time constraints. This BBC article talks about the need to keep the benefits for people who play bingo and it’s not hard to argue that people who stay sharp, especially in old age, will live happier lives when it combines things that they already enjoy doing.

Mental Health benefits

There have been studies to see if playing bingo can have any mental health benefits. A higher level of mental agility found in players that are older suggests that it could help against Alzheimer’s and Dementia, although no proof of this has been given yet.

Just a hobby

This feeling of playing bingo just being a hobby is one of the big things that separates it from other gambling games such as poker and roulette. The low cash input contributes to this feeling. Bingo games can be as low as a couple of pounds to play, and while you’re unlikely to get huge cash prizes from playing (unless you go for one of the big rooms or tournaments), it certainly reduces the chance of you going bankrupt over a few too many bingo losses.

Does that mean it makes you happy?

We’ve identified that it can have positive mental benefits and it feels less like gambling than other games, but that doesn’t necessarily answer the question. The truth is that it isn’t really about bingo as much as it’s about what makes the individual happy. If bingo is something that you enjoy doing then it probably will, unless you play it in excess. So it’s kind of like anything it that sense.

Summary: If you enjoy bingo and you play it in moderation, keep up the good work!

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