Bingo Tips

How to play 30 ball bingo

Thirty ball bingo is played using numbered bingo balls ranging from 1 to 30. Players use bingo cards that contain nine numbered boxes. None of the boxes have a free space in the 30 ball bingo game. In order to win a game of 30 ball bingo, players must cover each of their nine boxes on their bingo card. 30 ball bingo games move quite fast and are known as speed bingo games, so it is important that players are on top of their game when taking part in 30 ball bingo games. In the event you have covered all spaces on your 30 ball bingo card, be sure to shout “bingo” so that you can have your card verified and collect your winnings.

How to play 80 ball bingo

Eighty ball bingo games are played with bingo balls numbered 1 through 80. The 80 ball bingo cards utilize four columns and four rows. The sixteen spaces on the bingo card is appropriately numbered 1 through 80. When you are playing 80 ball bingo, you will mark or daub numbers on your card that correspond with that which the bingo caller calls out. 80 ball bingo games have a variety of patterns that make a winner. The winning pattern is announced prior to the start of the game. Diamonds, lines, stamps, letters, and coveralls are among the winning 80 ball bingo patterns. Players who make the winning pattern should call bingo and have their card verified so they can collect their winnings.

How to play 90 ball bingo

As the bingo game of choice in the UK, 90 ball bingo games are played with 90 numbered balls ranging from 1 to 90. The 90 ball bingo card contains nine columns and three rows. 15 of the 27 boxes on a 90 ball bingo card are numbered. When playing 90 ball bingo, players daub their bingo cards as numbers are called out by the bingo caller. The 90 ball bingo game is won when a player makes a winning pattern. Some 90 ball bingo games require one row to be filled, while others require either two rows, or a full house (all spaces covered). If you have the winning card, call bingo to have your card verified.

How to play 75 ball bingo

75 ball bingo is the primary game of choice in the US and Canada. In 75 ball bingo, numbered bingo balls spanning from 1 to 75 are used. Players receive bingo cards that have five rows and five columns. The columns are labeled B, I, N, G, and O. The boxes are numbered randomly between one and seventy-five. The center square of the bingo card is a free space. Players must daub their cards as numbers are called to make the winning pattern, which is announced prior to the start of the game. Winning patterns in 75 ball bingo games are lines, diamonds, coverall, stamps, and letters. Players daubing the winning pattern should call bingo so their card can be verified.

How to win jackpots

Bingo jackpots are often rich in value. In bingo games, jackpots are often tied to a bingo game or bingo games and they reward players for getting bingo within a specified number of bingo calls. To win a bingo jackpot, a player must buy into a bingo game that has a jackpot or progressive jackpot associated with it. Once bought into the jackpot game, players must daub the winning pattern on their bingo card within a number of calls specified before the start of the game. If the jackpot pays for players who get bingo in under 30 calls, you must get bingo in less than 30 calls. In the event you do – call bingo, have your card verified, and collect your jackpot winnings.

Bingo cards with the best value

Bogof bingo games and bogtf bingo games often contain the bingo cards with the best value. Bogof stands for “buy one, get one free.” Likewise, bogtf stands for “buy one, get two free.” When bingo games are labeled as either of the two, there is plenty of value to be had, as players are able to get free bingo cards on top of the ones they purchase. These free bingo cards give you an extra shot at winning the bingo game, since you are getting more bingo cards to use in the bingo games for free. Hence, you should look for these value added deals and take advantage of them when playing bingo.

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