Bingo – Is There Any Skill Involved?

Bingo! Thanks to the random number generator which sits under the bonnet of all bingo software, this game is certifiably random (and has to be in the UK as per licensing requirements!).

That being said, there are plenty of ways you can nab yourself a little edge in this game of luck…

Pick a Game to Play

There are two variants of bingo to play; the 90-ball British bingo and the 75-ball American bingo, although typically both can be found on UK bingo sites. These games each have different stakes; the 90-ball bingo has a one-line win, a two-line win, and the full house whereas the 75-ball only has a full house. Therefore, the 90-ball offers more chances for you to win but the one line and two-line wins are going to be less than a full-house, basic stuff, but worth considering!

Buy More Cards

One of the brilliant things about online bingo is that the computer automatically marks off your card when your number is drawn. This means that you don’t have to limit yourself to the number of cards which you could feasibly concentrate on like you do in a bingo hall. Some sites offer as many as 96 cards for their players, the more cards you have, the greater are your chances of winning. Therefore, you should always buy as many cards as you can within your budget for the optimal chance of winning.

Choose Rooms Wisely

When you log onto your bingo site of choice, you are quite often presented with several different rooms to play in. Each one will have different requirements such as ticket prices or starting times, and they will nearly always have different prizes.

Since some may have a high ticket price with a comparatively low prize, some people may choose not to play these games. These games may therefore offer you a better chance to win. Since you are more likely to win in a room where fewer tickets have been sold, you should try to play there. Remember that big jackpot games are likely to be very popular so unless there is a community cash pot (share amongst losers), there’s a really high chance of losing out completely.

Use Your Bonuses

Bingo sites frequently offer deals for bingo bonuses when you make deposits. Make sure that you are signed up for the newsletters as this is the first place you are likely to receive any new codes you can use. Keep an eye out for the wagering requirements of these bonuses; they tend to be about 6x for bingo bonuses but this is completely at the discretion of your bingo site.

The money you get as part of the bingo bonus can then be used to grab tickets to a high stakes game. Since you will still have your deposit, this could be looked at as a sneaky way to enter the jackpot game without having to touch your own credit.

While bingo is by its very nature a game of chance, there are, as we’ve explained, certain things you can do to try to tip the scales in your favour.

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