Bingo FAQ

What is the age requirement to be able to play online bingo?

You have to be at least 18 years old and of age (majority). It is your own responsibility to fulfill these requirements.

How do I start playing online bingo?

It is very simple. You register an account at the bingo site where you want to play and then you deposit money into the account. Now you are all set to go. Just follow the instructions provided by the bingo site and you will be playing bingo before you know it.

Why should I play bingo online?

Playing online bingo is easy, exciting and relaxing at the same time. You can play from your own home and engage in games with whoever you want. Choose to play with people from all over the world or just from Sweden. You will meet loads of new friends in the online chat.

Do I have to install any software to play bingo online

No, the majority of the online bingo sites have flash/java versions which make it possible to play directly in your web browser. For this to work you have to have flash and java installed to be play. Bingo sites that uses flash and where you are not required to download any programs to play consists of sites like: Maria Bingo and Best Bingo.

Free Bingo Sites

Is it safe to play bingo online?

Playing online bingo is considerably safe if you choose sites that are documented as safe. Here on we only recommend safe bingo sites and preferably sites with a great support. However, It is still important that you treat your login information with care.

What is a Jackpot?

For every stake, a small part goes to a bigger jackpot. Every bingo room has a jackpot and it is released when anyone gets a bingo within a certain amount of numbers being drawn.

How do I get a hold of my winnings?

Your winning is being paid directly out to your bingo account. When you have the money on your account you can choose between different methods to transfer this money to your bank account. Different sites have different cash out options so you are responsible for reading which cash out options the site you are playing supports.

Am I obliged to pay taxes on my bingo winnings?

If you choose to play at a bingo site that has their business seated within the EU, all of your winnings are tax free. Example of sites which are tax free is Maria Bingo and Best Bingo. (if you live within EU). Make sure to double check laws in the country where you live.

How long does it take to withdraw money?

Depending on which withdrawal method you choose you usually get the money within a couple of bank days. In most cases you receive your cash out through the same method you deposited with. If you made your deposit with for example Moneybookers (skrill) you will get your winnings in the same account.

Which is the best alternative for depositing money into your bingo account?

It depends on what alternative you have the possibility to use. Visa card is a explicit choice and Neteller and Moneybookers accounts usually works fine also. In general, all sites accept Visa and MasterCard. It is recommended that you have a closer look at what alternatives the bingo site you want to play on accepts.

How many different bingo rooms are available online?

During the last few years the number of bingo rooms has increased rapidly. Totally with the all the English bingo rooms there are a couple of thousands different online bingo rooms available today.

What is the biggest win ever on online bingo?

The biggest win so far on a bingo site is over £5.9 million (at the time this article was written) and was won by a man from Great Britain.

Do you have to play with real money?

Several bingo rooms give you a free bonus after you registered an account at their site. The purpose of this is that you get a chance to try playing for free and get a good overview of their games. Hopefully you enjoy the games and make a real deposit.

Are there any special strategies for being a successful winner when you play bingo?

Bingo is a game of luck and therefore there are no specific strategies that guarantee your theoretical chance to win to increase. On the other hand, there are some strategies that can affect your chance to win.

Is it safe to use my credit card on an online bingo site?

Yes, all transactions with confidential information are being encrypted and all serious bingo sites is working hard to keep all personal information as well as transactions 100% safe.

Is there always a winner for every game round?

Yes, every game round is being ended by someone winning. Sometimes there are several winners and then the prices or the jack pot is divided among these winners.

What happens if there are several people getting bingo at the same time and they win a super jack pot?

If there is more than one player that gets bingo at the same time, the winnings are divided among them automatically. Every player gets their share of the win wired to their account automatically.

How much does it cost to play online bingo?

The price of bingo trays differentiate depending on what bingo site you play on. Usually they cost one or a couple of cents and up to maximum £2 each. There are also sites who offer trays for only 1 cent each in some cases. For example Best Bingo and Caliber Bingo.

Is it possible to buy bingo trays in advance and use them to play with later?

Some bingo sites offer the possibility to buy trays in advance. Look after “in advance”.

How many bingo trays are you allowed using at the same time?

It depends on which type of bingo you are playing. You have to read each bingo games specific rules before you play.

Do I have to switch trays after every game round or can I play with the same trays?

After each game round you must buy new trays.

What happens if I lose my internet connection while I am right in the middle of a game round?

Your game will continue and if you win the bingo winnings will be wired automatically to your gaming account.

Can I play anonymously when I play bingo online?

Yes, you can be sure that you are totally anonymous when you play. All serious bingo sites stores your personal information encrypted and because of these safety measures the only thing other players can see is your nick.

Are there more games available than bingo when I am logged into the bingo site?

You can play several other games as well if you get tired of playing bingo or just want to test your luck in other games. Usually there are other games like – slots, videopoker, blackjack, roulette, lottery tickets etc.

Bonus questions

What is a bingo bonus and how does it work?

A bingo bonus is the extra sum of money you get from the bingo site when you make a deposit into your gaming account. Some sites gives a bonus the first time you deposit but there are also sites that gives you a bingo bonus every month. The bonus must be cleared before you can take it out in cash, this is done by playing and different sites have different rules when it comes to clearing bonuses. In some cases you can only play with the bonus money but not withdraw them from the site.

Which bingo bonuses are available for me?

This depends on where you choose to play bingo. Some sites offer 100% extra on the amount you decide to deposit into your gaming account. The amount you will receive can differ between a couple of hundred SEK and over thousand SEK. (assuming you are from Sweden – if you are using different currency – the bonus will be in that currency of course).

How does the free bonus work?

The free bonus that is being offered frequently by the bingo sites is a way for them to give you a chance to try the games for free and enjoy their site. The free bonus is almost always impossible to withdraw from the site.

How do I buy bingo trays for online bingo?

You have to be logged in to the bingo site and have sufficient money on your gaming account to complete the transaction.

What is Scandinavian bingo?

In Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland the traditional way to play bingo is with trays with 75 bingo numbers and there are different versions of this game. The Scandinavian bingo is very similar to the North American version. In North America you choose the number before the games begin. In Sweden the most common way to play Scandinavian bingo is to play with a tray with 25 numbers where you win when you get 5 numbers in a row. Horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Other versions of the Scandinavian bingo include the Variant bingo where you can win several times on the same tray and Pattern bingo where you can choose numbers that has been chosen in advance which creates a pattern.

How do I keep track on my bingo trays during the game?

You can easily organize your bingo trays depending on each trays winning possibilities.

Can I be certain that the games are serious and fair?

All bingo sites have a (RNG) that guarantees the players that every games is based on the coincidence. For the sites to get their own gaming license all their bingo game rounds is being supervised by the RNG.

The chat room

Is it possible to chat with other bingo players while I am playing bingo?

All the serious bingo rooms have a chat room where you can chat with other player. There are some chat rules with the purpose of keeping

Is it possible to search for my friends and see if they are logged in?

Yes, you can search for their nick and see where they are playing.

How do I log into the chat?

After you logged into your account and clicked on the bingo game of your choice the chat room will open automatically. You do not have to log into the chat room separately.

What is a chat game?

A chat game is an extra feature that sometimes goes on during bingo games. A chat game is being decided by the host of the bingo game and it gives you even more chances to win.

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