Bingo Bonanza Casino Scratch Card

Bingo is perhaps one of the most popular games in the world, offering a game of chance with some skill to players young and old across the globe. The Bingo Bonanza online scratch card game takes quite a bit of the hard work out of normal bingo but with a payout twist. The sooner a player’s card gets a bingo, the bigger the prize is.


Players can set the cost of each bingo card and can purchase up to eight cards for each bingo game. The card cost can be set from .25 per card to 20 dollars per card. Most players will find they will want to play all eight cards as all eight have a potential to payout something. Max cost per game ranges from two dollars to 160 dollars. The payouts are based on the card price and range from a 1x payout to a 10,000x payout. A bingo must be had in 7 balls to get the top prize, which can be as much as 200,000 dollars.

Bingo Bonanza


Because the computer does all the work marking cards with the numbers from the Bingo game, the Bingo Bonanza scratch game works very well in auto play mode, especially with the turbo button on. Fifty games of Bingo Bonanza were played and almost every single game had a winning card and most had multiple winning cards. By the end of the fifty cards, the result was a profit of eight dollars. Within the norms for a scratch game of any game but with so many winning games and a small profit to show for it, it bodes well for future play.


Bingo Bonanza is a fun game with multiple winning possibilities in each game. It captures the thrill of Bingo quite well and compared to trying to keep up and blot eight cards, is much easier to play than bingo as well. With prizes as high as 200,000 dollars available, this is a bingo game to definitely play.

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