Bingo – Is There Any Skill Involved?

Bingo! Thanks to the random number generator which sits under the bonnet of all bingo software, this game is certifiably random (and has to be in the UK as per licensing requirements!).

That being said, there are plenty of ways you can nab yourself a little edge in this game of luck…

Pick a Game to Play

There are two variants of bingo to play; the 90-ball British bingo and the 75-ball American bingo, although typically both can be found on UK bingo sites. These games each have different stakes; the 90-ball bingo has a one-line win, a two-line win, and the full house whereas the 75-ball only has a full house. Therefore, the 90-ball offers more chances for you to win but the one line and two-line wins are going to be less than a full-house, basic stuff, but worth considering!

Buy More Cards

One of the brilliant things about online bingo is that the computer automatically marks off your card when your number is drawn. This means that you don’t have to limit yourself to the number of cards which you could feasibly concentrate on like you do in a bingo hall. Some sites offer as many as 96 cards for their players, the more cards you have, the greater are your chances of winning. Therefore, you should always buy as many cards as you can within your budget for the optimal chance of winning.

Choose Rooms Wisely

When you log onto your bingo site of choice, you are quite often presented with several different rooms to play in. Each one will have different requirements such as ticket prices or starting times, and they will nearly always have different prizes. Continue reading

Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips – part 2

Hello all my bingo players! In the first part of these bingo winning tips, we shared 5 solid bingo playing tips that you can use to maximize your chances of winning at any bingo game you play. That goes for whether you’re playing the real world game at your local bingo hall or playing bingo online at some bingo casino site.

6: Watch for and play free bingo games.

Most good bingo sites and casinos run promotions that give you a free game. Or do a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) buy in. Always look out for these offers and take them up on it as it can really help. I’ve won free bingo games before and that equals to 100% profit. Not all bingo and casino sites offer them but when they do, jump on them!

7: When the fun stops – stop!

Hey look, you’re not going to win every game of bingo! That’s just bingo for you! And you may go through bad spells where you’re not winning anything at all. That can prove to be quite frustrating and forces you to put more money into the site to try and recoup your losses. While you hope you are more lucky this time. This hardly happens though and I find I win more when I’m relaxed and actually enjoying the game I’m playing. So take a break for a while! Walk away and come back when you’re feeling happier, and luckier! Continue reading

My Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips to Maximize Your Bingo Winning Success

Bingo is a game that has been around for many years! And as many of the most popular real world games are made into an online version of it so has the game of bingo. And that can only make sense since more and more people are preferring to play games online in the comfort of their own home now instead of visiting a cold bingo hall!
There are now more than half a million online bingo players all around the world. All playing on over 500 different online bingo sites. With all those players and that many sites and more to play bingo on, it’s no wonder why it seems like everyone wants to get in on the fun and enjoy the fun and benefits that playing, and winning bingo has.
I have my own preferred bingo sites I like to play bingo on myself. But what about actually winning the game itself? It’s great to join in and play it. Whether you’re playing on your own or with other people like friends and family. But winning bingo is something completely different altogether isn’t it!?
Well I’ve played thousands of bingo games over the years that I’ve been playing bingo online. I’ve learned a few tricks that I like to make use of that maximize my chances of winning as well as maximizing my chances of getting one of the top payouts from whichever bingo site I’m playing on. And here’s what I’ll share with you now!
My Top 10 Bingo Winning Tips
1: Never play in large crowded rooms.
While it’s nice to be in an active game that has a lot of people playing it that you can chat to in real time using the instant chap feature. Remember that the more people that are in that game, the less chance you’ll have of actually winning it. Sure, smaller games have smaller jackpots, but you have more of a chance of winning them!

Continue reading

Choosing the Best Bingo App

There are many bingo apps out there as there are so many people that are playing mobile bingo these days. This can be a great things as it means that you have plenty to choose from and are more likely to find a bingo app that you really like. On the other hand, there are so many sites that you may feel rather overwhelmed as to which one will be the best to play.

The first place to start is the reviews. You should find that in your app store there are reviews of the different apps. You may even find that you can order the apps with the most popular first. It is good to take a look at the score and read some of the best and worst reviews. If you can, make sure that you read the reviews written by those who have the same mobile device as you. This is because sometimes an app does not work particularly well on certain devices. Ask friends and family about which bingo games they like as well and consider those too.

The reviews are just one part of choosing though. Just because a lot of people enjoy a specific app, it does not mean that you will like it. Everyone is different and you may find that there are certain features that you do not like or that there are certain games that you just prefer. This means that it will be necessary for you to try some before you make a decision. You may try one and really like it, but it is much better to try a selection before you make up your mind. This will give you a better idea of what different bingo games can be like and how different apps can vary. You will probably find that there are many apps where you can play for free to try them out.

By playing several you will get a better idea of what to expect from a bingo game as well as how apps can vary according to the features that they offer. Playing a game yourself will also help you to understand the reviews better as you will know more about what they mean and what you are looking for in a game. It can take a while to choose but will be worth the research when you find a game that you really like.

Twists and Turns In Bingo Happen All the Time!

Playing bingo to pass the time is a lot more fun than most people expect. But if you’re expecting bingo to be boring, it’s most likely because that’s what you’re used to. Land based bingo games tend to only have one format at a time, and if you want to play a lot of cards, there’s really no way to manually do this. There has to be a better way to still enjoy the best that bingo has to offer, without boring yourself to tears or having to drive all over town. The answer is simple: just go online!

Don’t believe us? Take this bingo hall as a great example of how to do things: Buttercup Bingo. It’s a place where you can play bingo that has substance, with plenty of twists and turns. Think that you have a game covered? Think that you’re about to win a big jackpot? Someone else could actually steal the win away from you simply because they have more cards with more winning combinations than you do. This means everything when it comes to progressive jackpots, because the jackpot gets bigger as long as no one wins it. If someone wins the big prize, everyone else has to start over.


Playing bingo is always at the top of our list because it’s a very relaxing activity. You don’t have to memorize a bunch of strategy to make bingo pay off for you. All you have to do is make sure that you show up and play. Logging into a site like Buttercup Bingo is a breeze, and you’re backed by the best encryption within the industry. Keeping your personal data safe is a top priority at all times.

We like playing over there because of all of the different rooms. The site is decorated in super bright colors, which gives it a very welcoming feel everywhere you go. If you want to take your fun on the go, you can always play bingo from your smartphone.

Between all of the different bingo rooms and the mobile experience, there are plenty of interesting events waiting for you in the wide world of bingo. Check it out today!

Spinning Wheel to become welcome offer of choice?

Since their debut back in the 90’s, there have always been definite trends and patterns followed by the majority of bingo websites. For example, the year of 2014 seemed to be the time that most sites would offer a no deposit offer of some kind to their new players.

Such offers are designed to attract customers who enjoy the idea of being able to win some money without having to make a stake. In other words, they have great appeal because they offer what sounds like a risk-free experience.

As time has passed operators have tightened these offers and introduced new loopholes to avoid them paying out large sums of money. Nowadays most no deposit offers leave players feeling a little disappointed, to say the least. The disappointment generally stems from the issues with money won from the no deposit credit, often it is bonus cash and is therefore not eligible for withdrawal. Other issues have been that players are not allowed to use their credit in jackpot games or on the full range of slots games.


The savvy nature of online gaming customers means that word spreads quickly when offers are not all they are cracked up to be. The negative vibes and scepticism around no deposit sites are now at such a high that many new brands are opting for a new welcome offer.

Just lately we have remarked that a great deal of new sites are launching with a spin the wheel arrangement. To see what we mean, check out this list of spin the wheel bingo sites. As you can see there are new ones popping up all the time on various networks, suggesting a new trend.

In June 2015 a new bingo network was launched, becoming the first to replace all welcome offers with the chance to spin the wheel. We believe this new network marks the beginning of a new era where new sites are going to offer a wheel based incentive instead of deals such as the no deposit offers. Continue reading

Bingo Is For All Ages – Believe it!

Are you thinking about getting more into other types of gambling besides poker? You’re not the only one. Don’t get us wrong at all. We absolutely love poker, but we get a little too intense to really play poker with any type of consistency after a long time “in the trenches”. We love it when we’re in the middle of it, but it’s easy to get burned out when you get that intense. You need to make sure that you’re thinking about your own health at this point. If you love gambling but you just need a break from poker, you might find that bingo is right up your alley in terms of what you’re looking for.

The truth is that bingo is really for all ages — and you have to believe that. That’s not to say that you can’t do very well in other games, but bingo is soothing. You’re not going to have to go head to head with people the way you would with poker. You just need to make sure that you’re thinking about the type of gameplay that you want to experience. It’s going to be your real money on the lien either way. You don’t want to get swept into something that you can’t handle, but you’ll find that bingo doesn’t have to be fast paced. Now then, if you really do want a fast paced bingo, you might want to look into speed bingo, also called English bingo. Many bingo halls online will have a mix of fast and slow bingo. Do you want to play bingo but you’re worried that you’re not going to be able to keep up, even in the slow version?

That’s what the auto daub feature is for. You might get a slightly less payout than someone who daubed all of the numbers themselves, but it helps you play many more cards. So it’s easy to get an edge if that’s what you really want.

We play bingo, and we think it’s awesome. A lot of times when people skip over bingo, they assume that only little old ladies play bingo. That’s something that used to be the case but it’s no longer that way. Just about every group that you can imagine plays bingo at some point. Even guys play bingo — imagine that! A lot of guys just want to relax and have a little fun, maybe even get to talk to a few girls. Bingo is an incredibly social game, and that means that the sky is the limit in terms of meeting new people. You have plenty of time to meet people and get to know more about them. What more could you want than that?

What you ultimately have to do is make sure that you’re focusing hard on the bigger picture — your entertainment. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re not bored. There’s plenty of things to do in the world of online gambling but if you don’t think so… you’re going to be out of luck in the long run. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you really do everything you can to have a good time. Why not make sure that you can get started today? You’ll be glad that you did!

Bingo Today, Bingo Tomorrow, Bingo All the Time!

Okay, I have a slight confession to make. I’ve talked endlessly about poker. I love poker. I play poker to release stress, even though I already have a high stress job. But the truth of the matter is that poker isn’t the only game I play. You might want to make fun of me if I mention this other game, but that’s okay. I’m pretty much used to it. There’s something special about being able to play all of the different poker games, and there are plenty of variations. But today, I wanted to talk about bingo.

Now then, you are going to laugh hard but I love bingo. Bingo is exactly the type of game that you want when you’re stressed out. There’s no real competition, even though everyone wants to win. You still have to beat out other people to get all of the bingos, but you don’t have to do so in a way that’s going to make everyone unhappy. There’s a time and a place to be a jerk, and bingo isn’t that place or that time.

playing bingo

Bingo is soothing. You can play bingo while you watch TV, if you’re playing slow bingo. I don’t suggest doing anything exception focusing on your cards if you’re going to play fast bingo. This is especially the case when you aren’t in a room that handles the daubing automatically for you. Sometimes people will want to be in a manual room, because it means that they must focus on the game play. Some people hate that, but I think that it’s a good thing. When I sit down to play bingo, I want to be the one that marks all of the numbers, not the computer. If I’m just going to play a lot of computerized bingo, eh… it’s really not going to excite me as much as win I’m marking the numbers. That’s when you get to see just how close to bingo you really could. You get to have a blast and still win real money.

That’s the other part of playing bingo that you’ll love. This is all about having a good time. This is all about making sure that you aren’t going to have to stress yourself out. The more that you can focus on the big wins, the better off you will feel. Bingo is a series of small wins, unless you’re thinking about progressive bingo payouts. The big progressive jackpot grows as long as someone doesn’t trigger the payout. If they do, then it starts out. You might envy the person who wins a little bit, because the progressive jackpots can be pretty high. On the other hand, you don’t have any guarantee that you’ll win any money. That’s the thrill of bingo — if you win, that’s a good thing. It means extra money in your account. However if you lose — then you have to dust yourself off and pledge to play another day. It’s really that straightforward, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make bingo work for you.

Now is definitely the time to think carefully about the type of experience that you want to have when you step into an online casino. But if they offer bingo in any form, you’re in for a real treat. Why not explore it today at your favorite casino?

Bingo Bonanza Casino Scratch Card

Bingo is perhaps one of the most popular games in the world, offering a game of chance with some skill to players young and old across the globe. The Bingo Bonanza online scratch card game takes quite a bit of the hard work out of normal bingo but with a payout twist. The sooner a player’s card gets a bingo, the bigger the prize is.


Players can set the cost of each bingo card and can purchase up to eight cards for each bingo game. The card cost can be set from .25 per card to 20 dollars per card. Most players will find they will want to play all eight cards as all eight have a potential to payout something. Max cost per game ranges from two dollars to 160 dollars. The payouts are based on the card price and range from a 1x payout to a 10,000x payout. A bingo must be had in 7 balls to get the top prize, which can be as much as 200,000 dollars.

Bingo Bonanza


Because the computer does all the work marking cards with the numbers from the Bingo game, the Bingo Bonanza scratch game works very well in auto play mode, especially with the turbo button on. Fifty games of Bingo Bonanza were played and almost every single game had a winning card and most had multiple winning cards. By the end of the fifty cards, the result was a profit of eight dollars. Within the norms for a scratch game of any game but with so many winning games and a small profit to show for it, it bodes well for future play.


Bingo Bonanza is a fun game with multiple winning possibilities in each game. It captures the thrill of Bingo quite well and compared to trying to keep up and blot eight cards, is much easier to play than bingo as well. With prizes as high as 200,000 dollars available, this is a bingo game to definitely play.

Online Vs Offline Bingo

Bingo has been a form of entertainment for well over 300 years. Over the years the game has developed from a “cheap bit of fun” to a quality night out for many people and the game is now thriving and players seem to eb enjoying the nights out more then ever.

When the internet was first developed and released many people thought that it wouldn’t impact our lives as much as it has but now you can do just about anything on a computer. Casino, poker and bingo games can now be played online from the comfort of your own home. To many hardcore bingo players they may see online bingo as mindless and completely boring but it certainly has been great to players who may not be able to fit a night out in to todays busy lifestyles. Online Bingo games can be participated in 24 hours a day 7 days a week, bingo halls are only open at certain hours. Many “offline” bingo halls are limited to the amount they can pay out in prizes, online bingo sites often offer HUGE jackpots to lucky players which certainly does add more excitement to the game.

Bingo halls are often loud and busy, and some do and some do not allow smoking. As a non smoker i would prefer to play at home, but other players who smoke and attend bingo halls were smoking isn’t allowed may also prefer this. Playing online bingo lets you escape from the hustle and bustle of a offline bingo hall which can be cramped at the best of times.

Online Bingo has less overheads so you will receive the best possible player bonuses, which often includes free money. Games also cater for every budget, including the players with the smallest bingo budget.