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Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips – part 2

Hello all my bingo players! In the first part of these bingo winning tips, we shared 5 solid bingo playing tips that you can use to maximize your chances of winning at any bingo game you play. That goes for whether you’re playing the real world game at your local bingo hall or playing bingo online at some bingo casino site.

6: Watch for and play free bingo games.

Most good bingo sites and casinos run promotions that give you a free game. Or do a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) buy in. Always look out for these offers and take them up on it as it can really help. I’ve won free bingo games before and that equals to 100% profit. Not all bingo and casino sites offer them but when they do, jump on them!

7: When the fun stops – stop!

Hey look, you’re not going to win every game of bingo! That’s just bingo for you! And you may go through bad spells where you’re not winning anything at all. That can prove to be quite frustrating and forces you to put more money into the site to try and recoup your losses. While you hope you are more lucky this time. This hardly happens though and I find I win more when I’m relaxed and actually enjoying the game I’m playing. So take a break for a while! Walk away and come back when you’re feeling happier, and luckier! Read More “Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips – part 2”

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My Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips to Maximize Your Bingo Winning Success

Bingo is a game that has been around for many years! And as many of the most popular real world games are made into an online version of it so has the game of bingo. And that can only make sense since more and more people are preferring to play games online in the comfort of their own home now instead of visiting a cold bingo hall!

There are now more than half a million online bingo players all around the world. All playing on over 500 different online bingo sites. With all those players and that many sites and more to play bingo on, it’s no wonder why it seems like everyone wants to get in on the fun and enjoy the fun and benefits that playing, and winning bingo has.

I have my own preferred bingo sites I like to play bingo on myself. But what about actually winning the game itself? It’s great to join in and play it. Whether you’re playing on your own or with other people like friends and family. But winning bingo is something completely different altogether isn’t it!?

Well I’ve played thousands of bingo games over the years that I’ve been playing bingo online. I’ve learned a few tricks that I like to make use of that maximize my chances of winning as well as maximizing my chances of getting one of the top payouts from whichever bingo site I’m playing on. And here’s what I’ll share with you now!

My Top 10 Bingo Winning Tips

1: Never play in large crowded rooms.

While it’s nice to be in an active game that has a lot of people playing it that you can chat to in real time using the instant chap feature. Remember that the more people that are in that game, the less chance you’ll have of actually winning it. Sure, smaller games have smaller jackpots, but you have more of a chance of winning them! Read More “My Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips to Maximize Your Bingo Winning Success”